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10 Exciting Games Cool People Play at Parties

Going to parties is exciting but there are times when friends don’t have a lot of budget to hit the clubs so these 10 games come in handy and can be played at home in small spaces.

Hanky Panky

This is an individual game where the challenge is to take out all the tissue paper from the box. Whoever finishes first wins.

Baby Rattle

Two 1.5/2 liter bottle which have a number of gums inside are glued together. Each opponent gets two sets and needs to shake the two bottles until the gums on top goes to the bottom.

Movin’ On Up

Several Red Cups are stacked together while a blue cup is placed in the middle stack. Each player needs to put the blue cup on the bottom.

Separation Anxiety

A pile of M&Ms are placed on the table along with several cups. Each player must put together the M&Ms with the same color and place it all in each cup.

Face the Cookie

Each player will be given a cookie which needs to be placed on the face. Each player must try to move their faces and put the cookie inside their mouth.

Magic Carpet

Team members must compete against other team while sitting on a doormat and they must slide their way to the finish line. Fastest team wins.

Pink Elephant

A spiral toy is placed on the forehead of each player. They must shake the spiral toy and put it in place on their forehead to win the game.

This Blows

Each individual must blow a balloon manually and used the air of that balloon to push the empty cups outside the table. Fastest one wins.


Each player must blow on ping pong balls and put them inside the horseshoes placed on top of the table.

Office Tennis

Two players hold a carton and pass on each other a tennis ball while trying to put that ball in the trash can.


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