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11-Year Old Girl Act like a Young Mother to Her Siblings when Her Biological Mom Left Her

Rhea Oraiz is the daughter of a fisherman. She’s from Danipas, Mangagoy, Bisig City. This girl acts as her sibling’s (Isaac, Isaiah) mother when their father is away. Because of this, the story of this young girl became viral. Keiner Legazpi Espinol posted about her story on Facebook. It got many shares and reactions. So, it attracted broadcasting network GMA-7 to feature it on the Kapuso Mo Jessica Sojo or KMJS.

Espinola felt he had to share her story when he saw her in a clinic one day. She brought her sick sibling due to cough. Espinola learned that she is the one taking care of them due to their mother’s passing. She also learned that Mary Rose, the mother she knew is not her real mother. Her real mother’s name is Algie.

Algie left her when she was only eight months old. She was the first wife of her father but left when Rhea’s father was c0nvicted. Algie and her mother-in-law weren’t in good terms. Because of this, she left. She didn’t bring Rhea with her because she said she can’t support her. But emphasized she misses her daughter every day. The show helped Rhea find her mother who is now living in Tangub City, Misamis Occidental. Mother and daughter were in tears when they see each other again.

As for Espinola, he shared the story because of concern for the little girl. He said he wants to help but he doesn’t have the means. This post reached to many people including KMJS. Espinola announced that he can now study until his senior high school year. He thanks his cousin working in Macao for this blessing.

Life is full of mystery. The important thing is forgiveness and acceptance. And, it’s what Rhea, her mother, and Espinola exhibited in this story.


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