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18yr Old Teenage Mom Successfully Completed Her Medtech Degree

Zianne Tremedal is a teenage mom who got pregnant when she was 18. She was about to enroll for third year in college as a MedTech student when she found out that she’s two months pregnant. At first, she doesn’t have any idea about her pregnancy because she has irregular menstruation. Neither had she experienced morning sickness. Thus, to rule out her doubt she took a pregnancy test and found out that it was positive.


To confirm the result of the pregnancy test, she got an ultrasound and learned that the baby was 8 weeks old. Hearing the first heartbeat of her baby made her cry. Zianne realized that she was not on the right direction that her parents want for her future. But, she thought that the pregnancy was not the hindrance to complete her studies.

Since her family has been living in Mindanao, her parents learned about her condition via phone call. For two weeks, her mother doesn’t want to talk to her and her dad became sickly. Maybe because they were disappointed of what happened. Zianne is lucky enough because her parents continued to support her. In fact, her father allowed her to divulge her pregnancy to her friends and not to hide it. With her condition, she needs to decide whether to go home to Mindanao or continue her studies.

Obviously, as she was determined to finish her degree she decided to continue her school. She had talked with her professors and college dean to allow her to continue her schooling. At first, the faculty was hesitant as they know it would be difficult for her. But, they eventually agreed with the assurance that her health and the baby would not be compromised.

After her classes, she would spend her time to study in the library so that she can sleep at night. Her classmates were so kind that they took care of her while in school. There are even times that Zianne would ask for free vitamins and maternal milk from her ob-gyn. She also experienced the harsh conversation and looks of other people she passed by. But, because of her willpower to finish her college, she just ignored them.

Two weeks after she enrolled for the second semester, Zianne delivered a healthy baby boy through a normal delivery. This means that she can go back to school the soonest possible time. But, she had no other choice but to leave her son, Euri Aszher to her parents in Mindanao.

For four months, she did her best to collect few bottles of breast milk and send it to her baby through cargo. The only connection they had was video chat. She almost gives up every time she heard his son crying. But, she endured everything just to finish her studies for her family.

On April 2018, Zianne completed her Medical Technology degree on time and no failed grades. His son will be turning 2 this year. With all the challenges that Zianne had went through, she’s always grateful to her parents. They never leave her in spite of the mistakes she did.

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