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2-year-old Devastated about Newborn Sister

One of the best news anyone can ever receive is the news about a new baby in the family! And double that excitement when the news about a newborn soon arriving is that of your own brother or sister (or both)! And this video is all about it! It has captured one of the sincerest and heartfelt reactions a human being is capable of. Simply beautiful! Mind you, depending on your age, these heartfelt emotions may not always be positive. Relax, take that precious cup of coffee and don’t miss a second of it!

Finding out that you’re having a new sibling can be hard for a lot of young children, more so for this little one. Adorable 2-year-old Piper has a meltdown temper tantrum after finding out that she has a newborn baby sister coming home from the hospital.

Her father brings out the camera mid-tantrum as he realizes that this will go on for some time, in an attempt to capture this on film. As he asks her a series of questions, Piper shows that she wants no part in the homecoming for her new sibling.

It’s fairly common for young children to be upset about having a new sibling, but all will get better with time. Before you know it, they will be playing with each other, the air will be filled with mutual laughter tied with smiles. The same can be said for little Piper before you know it, her feelings towards her new sister will have changed, and harmony will flow through the air.

Children always show the strangest and most unexpected reactions upon learning that their family is awaiting the arrival of another child. That is in fact quite understandable, especially if they have long enjoyed the status and attention of an only child and the arrival of a baby sister or brother would surely mean the end of it all.

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Now that’s a priceless reaction! Must take a look at this video as it is bound to bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!

This little girl’s reaction is actually expected. Most kids would hate being removed from the center of their parent’s attention. She is so very young now but in time , and very soon, she will understand that even though friends are the very important people who are always on our side, brothers and sisters are those given to us by what the older generation used to call “destiny”. Brothers and sisters are first and foremost, part of our family, and over time they become our best friends with whom we have shared most of our lives. Relations between brothers and sisters are among the strongest. Of course, there can and will be difficult moments in our relationship, as well as quarrels, but they are also the people who, having spent most of our lives with us, know us better than anyone else.

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