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6-Year Old Malignant Patient Bravely Sings the “Fight Song”

What comes first in your mind if your doctor says that you have malignant growth?

Most likely, the common reaction is to become helpless and think about the fear of how you will overcome it. Anya Otley is a 6-year old girl diagnosed with Wilm’s tumor. But, unlike other malignant growth patients, Anna has the courage to face the life-threatening disease at a very young age.

November last year, Anya’s father had discovered a big lump on her stomach. Right then and there she was rushed to the hospital. Series of blood tests and other laboratory procedures were conducted. Later, the doctor confirmed that the lump was malignant. Wilms’ tumor is a rare kind of kidney malignant growth.

Right after the malignant growth was diagnosed, she immediately undergoes treatment. There are times when Anya was asking her mother if she would die. That was really heartbreaking, but Anya’s parent prefers not to show that they are upset.  Chemotherapy was administered, but Anya remains brave and strong. She said that there are other tumor patients who are much sicker than her.

A surgery was conducted and her kidney was removed.  The chemotherapy helps to reduce the size of the tumor, but it resulted in losing her hair. Although an organization donated a wig for Anya, she doesn’t wear it because she doesn’t want to conceal what she was going through.

Anya again proved her bravery when she sang in a wedding ceremony. She sang Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song”. The guests were astounded as Anya sings like a pro. The lyrics of the song are meaningful that brought the onlookers to shed tears.

The performance of Anya does not only prove her bravery but also her will, faith, and determination to fight malignant growth and win the battle. The chemotherapy has ended and her parents were hoping for good results.

Tumor is a deadly disease that may test your faith in God. But, as long as you are breathing you should not lose hope that one day God will heal you.

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