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85-year-old Woman Spend Hours Searching for Seafood to Buy Medicine for her Daughter

An 85-year-old woman had outlived her husband. Also, she is left with no other child to care for her. She is currently living with her mentally-challenged daughter. To provide for herself and her daughter, she works with half of her body submerged in seawater for multiple hours to collect seafood. She sells the seafood she collects.


The 61-year-old daughter is not her biological child. However, she cares for her with all the love a biological mother can give to her child. Nguyen Thi Ro, the hardworking 85-year-old mother, lives in Vietnam. She had been receiving positive comments from the online community for her love and dedication for her child.  She is a living example of the extraordinary capabilities of mothers to express unconditional love for their sons and daughters (biological or not). The mother went viral online after someone took a photo of her while working. Her photos circulated different social media platforms.


She would rise early in the morning and go to the sea to collect different seafood like mussels, and cockles. After collecting this seafood, she sells them to people who are passing through her location by the dock. Due to her old age, her body is already weak and she gets tired quickly. However, she has to work to provide for her and her adopted daughter. After spending long hours searching the sea for seafood, she spends a greater number of hours selling her catch.


The friendly locals who regularly visit the dock buy from her. The locals support her eagerness to give her daughter the love and care she needs. Most of the mother’s earnings are used to purchase the medicine of her daughter. Nguyen stated that the seawater makes her skin itchy and flaky.


However, she says that she is not complaining about her situation. She shares that she only needs to have enough rest so that she can work again the next day. The online community is hopeful that the government or anyone with a good heart can help her find another way to earn money.

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