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9-Year Old Taekwondo Blackbelter Dies from Severe Cold

Tristan Ang, a nine-year-old Taekwondo Black belter from California dies and according to reports, this is all because of a severe cold. According to the parents of the boy, their son had suffered from a severe cold a week before his passing. He suddenly became so weak that time. He started having a fever and experienced a terrible headache and kept on vomiting. A month ago, he had just competed in a Taekwondo competition. His parents were both nurses by profession and they gave the boy Motrin and Tylenol in the hope that this will make him feel better. But unfortunately, his condition got worse and they decided to bring him to the hospital.

Image from DailyMail UK

The doctor who examined the boy said that it could just be because of dehydration and advised the parents to take the boy home and give him water therapy and he needs to get a lot of rest. His condition only worsened in the next few days and he became confused and disoriented that he can’t even say his name. The parents got extremely worried and they brought him to the hospital again where he was rushed to the ICU because his brain was already inflamed though he was tested negative for meningitis.

Image from DailyMail UK

Further tests were done and these revealed that he got infected with adenovirus which was a result of his severe cold. His heartbeat stopped four times that eventually led to his sudden demise leaving his parents in shock. They never expected that his cold would cost him his life even though he was a physically healthy and active child.

Image from DailyMail UK

Adenovirus is a type of virus that affects the eyes, intestines, airways and lungs, nervous system, and urinary tract. The symptoms may include; severe cold with fever, sore throat, cough, pink or sore eyes, and diarrhea. Other symptoms include; urinary tract infection, and ear infection. If the virus is treated at once, it ends up in the brain and spinal cord inflammation that will lead to death. This virus usually affects children but it can also affect adults. The virus can also be passed on through coughing or sneezing.

Image from DailyMail UK

Adenovirus usually ends up in death when it hits children with a weak immune system but the case of Tristan is different. Parents are then reminded to always check on the health of their children. If a child shows the symptoms mentioned above, have him/her checked at once to avoid further complications.


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