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A Man Sings Powerfully In Spite of His Disability

No one is created perfect. Some were created physically perfect, but not with talent. Others were created with physical disabilities, but oozing with talent.

A video of a man who is physically handicapped was uploaded on social media and has earned almost 3.7 million views. In the video, the man was singing wholeheartedly in spite of his disability. As seen in the video, the man is unable to walk that’s why he rides on an improvised bicycle.

The video had touched the heart of many netizens and earned praises.  Obviously, the man really loves to sing not to mention his beautiful, cold voice. He proved that his disability is not a hindrance for him to continue his love and passion for singing. Maybe it is his own way of releasing what he feels about his condition.

This man is courageous enough to show to the world his talent. He may serve as an inspiration to those who are also facing the same condition as him. Any form of disability should not prevent anyone to mingle with other people. After all, it is only the physical appearance, what matters most is how you accept the condition and adapts how to live a normal life.

Disability is not a punishment from God. Perhaps, God has a better plan. It is difficult to live with such a condition, but we should not give up. Instead of giving up, we should believe in ourselves and continue to be a great person to others.

We should believe that God would not put us in a situation that we cannot endure. Whatever the struggles and challenges we are facing in our daily lives, we should always lift ourselves up. Otherwise, if we will give in to our problems no one will believe in us and lift us up. The best thing to do is to keep our faith strong and believe that through God’s grace we can survive whatever problems and difficulties we are facing right now.

May the courage of the man in the video serve as an inspiration to all of us.

source: Facebook

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