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A Young Man Celebrates His 18th Gets the Surprise of His Life from His Parents

Although, the celebration of 18th birthday is mostly dedicated to girls, these parents of an 18-year old boy wanted to make his day special. The video posted by the young man’s sister became viral when his parents presented him with a birthday cake to which he was told to pull the cake topper after they sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He was faced with a long line of Php20 bills and a picture of a red car at the end so everyone had a good laugh at the scene but he really wanted a new car and not just a photo.


Even though there wasn’t any car, he was sport enough to show the photo to his sister as she captures it on video but to his surprise his dad gave him a real key to a real car which was parked just outside their house. He couldn’t contain his excitement and happiness because he now has a car which he can take anywhere thanks to his generous parents. The young man was obviously very happy that his wish was granted and it’s not a prank after all because he’s got a car. He had to take a few deep breaths and overcome his crying sessions before it finally sink it.


A birthday is a special celebration especially when the person celebrating it is family. During these times, friends and families get together and celebrate it with a cake and gifts just to make the celebrant feel loved and cared for. The parents of this young man were successful for pulling a prank on him but they were also successful in making him so happy in his birthday. This is just proof that parents will do anything to keep their kids happy.

Watch the touching video here:

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