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Alice Dixson Visits Her Province and Shows Huge Property, Where She Plans To Build a House

It’s such a blessing to have a place to live in the province, especially for city dwellers who want to escape the noise. Living on the farm, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and cuddling with farm animals is the best.

Alice Dixson is one lucky gal for having her huge lot property in the province. She got the property from her parents. She visits their ancestral property a lot.

It’s a huge lot. There are coconut trees and other plants. Her cousin teaches her to make copra from coconuts.

It is a happy experience for her coming back home when she can. She sees the people whom she knew when she was still little. She even visited the Mayor’s office in one of her visits.

Netizens praised Alice after they saw that she visited her former Yaya (nanny).  The woman is now 87. And netizens also commented that the nanny looks amazing. The same said that life in the province is truly different and is excited for her to have a resort.

Wow! Alice is not only beautiful, but she also has an amazing property in Quezon where she can retire someday. It can be her home away from home.

Many city dwellers will envy this! It’s nice to live in the city. Yet, getting lost in a secluded place is also wonderful. You can enjoy the chirping of the birds or go for a swim if you’re near a body of water.

Lucky for people who already have lots in the province. For those who don’t have yet, there are many lots for sale at low prices. One should just scout for the right property because there are scams out there. Aside from a vacation home, some people use their provincial lots for earning money. One of these is turning it into a resort.

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