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An Inspiring Story of Early Teenage Marriage; from Struggle to Success

Theirs was what you call as teenage marriage. A union that most of the time will end up in separation because both were too young to handle the pressures of having a family. But their story will truly inspire you because despite them being very young, they were able to stand against the odds and keep the relationship intact and strong.

John Edver Montero was a very young 2nd-year college student, just a seventeen-year-old schoolboy while Anne was younger by two years. She was just fifteen years old and in third-year high school. Both of them were very young to embrace the responsibility of being a husband and wife; a father and a mother. According to John, many people judged them for their decision and even their own families were against it.

But despite of that, they tried to stand on their own feet and did everything they could so that their family will survive. Anne worked as a service crew from 5-8am and 3-7pm. In between that, she squeezed her school schedule which was from 9 in the morning until two in the afternoon. It wasn’t easy for a young girl like her but she was determined. She even did direct selling like Avon, Natasha, Boardwalk among others. John, on the other hand, sold barbecue and halo-halo. Their determination paid off and both of them were able to graduate. They didn’t become choosy and entered any kind of work as long as it’s legal.

Eventually, they entered into networking business until he met Rudolf Ryan Perez, whom he met in 2017. Rudolf introduced him in the E-commerce business and in just a year after engaging in this business, they started to establish their dreams. They were able to acquire a house and lot, and their own car. They were very thankful to Rudolf for becoming God’s instrument in making them reach their dream of having a better life. John said that no matter what battles you go through in life, never ever quit. Always have faith in yourself and trust that God will help you through.

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