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An OFW and Single Mother Graduated Cum Laude at 42

It is said that education is for all. But not all are given the chance to finish school due to different reasons. There are families in which the older child prefers to stop schooling to give chance to younger siblings.

Michelle Sison is the eldest in the family. Considering the financial condition of their family, she decided to stop her studies and help instead. She worked abroad and let her younger siblings go to school. Michelle is also a single mom who does not only think about herself but also her child. Thinking about the future of her child and a family that depends on her give Michelle determination and courage.

After her siblings graduated, they asked Michelle to go home after years of being an OFW. She went back to school and her siblings supported her school expenses. She enrolled at the National Teachers College and took up Secondary Education.

Her determination to finish her studies motivates her to do well in school thus she graduated cum laude. The school also gave her the highest recognition award the “Gawad Haraya.” Michelle was the first awardee to receive such an award from the institution. The award recognizes the meaningful life story of Michelle.

Indeed, education is for all. It does not necessarily mean finishing school at a young age. Regardless if you’re old enough to continue your schooling, the important thing is to finish studies. Finishing studies is not a race. You can take it at your own pace as long as you are determined to graduate.

All the effort and sacrifices of Michelle were all paid off. She does not only secure the future of her child but also the future of her siblings. May this story of Michelle inspire everyone to always think the welfare of the entire family and to continue to achieve the goal in life.


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