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An Old Man Taking Videos of His Grandson Using an Old School Cellphone Went Viral

A photo uploaded in the Facebook page of SMS Senior High Page has an interesting caption “Maybe the best photo you’ll see today”. The image captured showed an old man taking a video of his grandson using an old school cellphone.

They say that the love and care that grandparents provide to their grandchildren is extraordinary. Sometimes parents don’t have time to attend school activities of their kids. But grandparents will always find time to support their grandchildren.

The photo is a strong manifestation of how happy the old man seeing his grandson performing in a school activity. He may not have a smartphone to use, but his smile shows how happy he was watching the little boy. It does not mean having a high-end cellphone. The important thing is capturing moments that won’t be happening again. Perhaps, the old man wants to collect photos and videos of his grandson that will serve as a remembrance.

image credit to SMS Senior High Page | Facebook

The photo has touched the heart of many netizens. It makes them remember their parents and grandparents. One netizen commented that the best photographers are the parents and grandparents who support their children in all the important events.

Posted on the Facebook account of GrahCxa Cubero Broniola, daughter of the old man are other photos taken by the official photographer. Some netizens send their intent to give the old man a touchscreen phone. But, Grahcxa said that her father is not techy and he might find it difficult to use the modern cellphone. She added that his father is a stage grandfather, and he is fond of taking photos and videos of his grandchildren.

image credit to SMS Senior High Page | Facebook

Lucky are those kids who have grandparents who are always willing to assist and support them in every happening and special event in their lives. May this post serve as a reminder for us to appreciate every little thing that our grandparents have given us. The old man may not have a smartphone, but his presence alone shows his love for his grandson.

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