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Andi Eigenmann And Philmar Alipayo Celebrated Their Anniversary And Exchange Sweet Messages On Social Media.

Recently, Andi Eigenmann made a buzz online and turned people’s ideas of love in a different way. This is when she fell in love with a surfer and people didn’t see it coming, knowing who she is. It’s just unexpected and many got inspired by the love story she decided to make and the life she is now living with her partner Philmar Alipayo.

The couple met in Siargao when the actress decided to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and showbusiness. Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines and many tourist and locals visit the place. The two fell in love with each other and the champion surfer became the father of Andi’s second child, Keliana Alohi or Lilo. Philmar also stood as the father of Ellie, Andi’s first child.

After revealing their romance in public, the couple received a lot of critics and judgment. On the lunch of the #LoveRules by CloseUp Philippines, Andi shared:

“As soon as I posted it on social media, it was inevitable for us to get negative criticism because ‘we’re not bagay’ because ‘I’m maganda’ and ‘I come from a high profile family’ and he’s ‘just a person from the island.’”

She also mentioned that Philmar’s ambition and dreams in life are what she admired about him the most. She connected with him like she did with nobody else and that’s what matters to Andi.

The couple celebrated their anniversary recently and many got “kilig” with their greetings on social media. Andi expressed how thankful and grateful she is that Philmar came into her life.

“I made the best decision to choose happiness above all else. I am grateful for the life I have (and am able to give my kids), with you in it, it wouldn’t be the same. Thank you for always making me feel life I am on top of the world. Happy anniversary my mahal!,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Philmar also greeted and wrote a sweet message for Andi on his Instagram account.

“Happy anniversary mahal ko. Mahalun ko kaw sanan ato little fam hangtod sa hangtod.”

Happy Anniversary love birds!

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