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Andi Eigenmann Doesn’t Want To Spoil Her Children With Expensive Toys. Here’s Why!

Every parent wants to give what’s best for their children especially those things that will make them happy. For parents, what makes their children smile makes them smile as well. So some parents tend to spoil them with expensive toys and gadgets. But for Andi Eigenmann, it’s the opposite. Here’s why!

The 30-year-old actress explained why she doesn’t spoil her children with expensive toys and it is simply because they don’t need it. On Instagram, she posted a photo of her child, baby Lilo, on a hammock at the beach. Instead of spoon-feeding them with expensive toys or gadgets, Andi teaches them to appreciate nature and little things in life.

“We decided to bring out a couple of Ellie’s old wooden toys for her to play with. Something she is not at all used to because, on the island, Lilo has been used to playing with whatever nature supplies us with – an old buko or a bunch of twigs!” Andi said.

According to the actress, her children don’t need to have a lot of toys. Her eldest even learned how to play with simple toys and just appreciate what is given. This is such a good example for parents as well as to children.

“LOL being on quarantine and unable to go out shopping, it made it clearer how even less our children really need to be happy,” she added

Andi wants her children to learn how to a live simple life and learn how to appreciate it without having anything expensive.

“I don’t believe in showering my kids with so many toys (especially at this age). Although I wasn’t always this type of parent. But when I switched to a more minimal life, Ellie also decided to donate her toys to those in need. And I just love what kind of person it has helped her become,” Andi said.

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