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Angel Locsin Calling the Attention of the Filipino Masses During COVID-19

The former ‘Darna’ actress pleads help from the government during the eruption of the COVID-19 virus in the Philippines. In a video to call on government officials, Angel asks for the help of those who can assist the public. She said that the majority of the Philippine population needs help so they can stay at home while in quarantine.

Angel mentioned that many of the locals won’t receive pay if they don’t go to work. The enhanced quarantine is up to April 14. The government might even extend this if the COVID-19 rates won’t drop. Aside from being a hotshot celebrity, the actress always helps the public during disasters. She was last seen helping out Batangas and nearby area locals during the Taal Volcano eruption.

The virus is affecting many lives after the government announced the enhanced quarantine. There is no public transportation in many places in the country and many offices are temporarily closed. Employees who are under “no work, no pay” basis are the most affected.

For this reason, some still go to their respective jobs so they can still feed their families. Angel suggests that whoever can help do their part while the Philippines is trying to survive the health emergency. She added that her plea is for companies to stop their amortization, loans, and interest policies wherever applicable, at the moment. Angel is also hopeful that the government can offer the best financial support right now so that everyone will stay inside the house.

The actress asks if the government can issue a tax break to companies. She asks this so that the companies can get up on their feet once the health emergency is over. The last she mentioned was that she is hoping that Philhealth will cover the treatment of COVID-19 for its members.

These are all good suggestions. Let’s keep the faith and hope that the government will find an effective way to help the public more. Angel thanked the public officials, health workers, police department, military, and everyone who is making a difference during these difficult times.

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