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Angel Locsin Disguised as an Ice Cream Vendor goes Viral

There are many people who are in need of help in times of emergency and calamities. Sometimes they are ignored because other people are focused on saving themselves. There are still good Samaritans in the world who are willing to help people. Some of these kind-hearted persons are famous celebrities.

Angel Locsin is also known as Angelica Locsin Colmenares. Angel is a popular actress, film producer, commercial model, and fashion designer. Angel gained popularity from her iconic roles in Mulawin and Darna which are aired in the GMA network. Angel transferred to ABS-CBN after her contract with GMA network. Angel is considered to be one of the best stars in the Kapamilya network. She made successful projects and films in the entertainment industry.

Angel has many fans because of her extraordinary beauty and great acting skills. Many netizens are happy when the actress announced that she is engage with Neil Arce, on her Instagram account. The post received a lot of positive comments and congratulatory messages.

Angel pretended to be an ice cream vendor and gone viral on social media. Angel and her soon to be husband Neil Arce had gone to a clinic.Angel proudly introduced herself as an ice cream vendor while they are inside the clinic. The actress had fun preparing and serving ice cream. She gave away free ice cream to customers.

Angel showed her sweet side by making an ice cream for her fiancé. She told Neil that the ice cream is made of love. She was admired by many netizens for her simplicity and acts of kindness to the public. Angel is also known for her generosity and being helpful in times of calamity. She loves reaching out to people in need. Fans call Angel as their “Darna” in real life.

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