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Angel Locsin will Live like a Queen once She gets Married to Neil Arce

When a couple is happy with their relationship, it will reflect not only in their eyes but in all aspects of their being. People usually think that when a man gains weight, ti means that his girlfriend or wife takes good care of him. So, what if a girl is the one gaining weight? This is what’s happening in Angel and Neil’s relationship. The followers of the actress have noticed that she had gained a lot of weight ever since she got into her relationship with Neil Arce.


This is why people have been saying that Neil is taking good care of the actress because she has become “healthy”. They have noticed that during the actress teleserye, “The General’s Daughter”, the actress always wears a jacket in her scenes. This is perhaps to hide her extra fats. On another note, many have been asking when the two plan to get married. They have announced a few months ago that they are engaged. The couple has not announced yet when the big day will be but they said that it will be a quiet wedding.


An employee of Arce Dairy had said that Angel is lucky because Neil is a very responsible man who is always true to his words. He always keeps his promises. He’s also very rich and the only heir of the family. This is why he just laughed off the rumors that circulated that he was flooded with debts. The fans of the actress should not worry because once the two tie the knot, Neil can give Angel a good life. He will be able to provide well for their future family and the actress won’t need to stay away from the life that she’s been used to since she entered showbiz.

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