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Reason Why Angelina Cruz didn’t Use Cesar Montano’s Surname

The beautiful daughters of ex-couple, Sunshine Cruz and Cesar Montano are slowly penetrating the industry. Their eldest daughter, Angelina, recently signed a contract with ABS-CBN Films. Their second daughter wants to try her luck in the music industry. For screen names, both of the girls will be using their mother’s surname, Cruz, instead of Montano. During one of Sunshine Cruz’s interviews, she was asked why the girls won’t use their father’s surname. Sunshine revealed that it was Arnold Vegafria of ALV Talent Circuit, her manager, who picked Cruz to be the surname of Angelina and Sam.


She and her daughters recently had a contract signing with Em-Core Dot Net as endorsers and Sunshine jokingly said that the public shouldn’t get angry with her because of her manager’s decision. Sunshine also explained that since her daughters are taking a career path in music, using Cruz would give them an advantage since it’s known in showbiz that the Cruzes are musicians. To name a few; Geneva Cruz and Donna Cruz, both were famous singers during their time. They are the first cousins of Sunshine.


Vegafria said that he asked the permission of the girls’ father, Cesar Montano, and he agreed. They saw each other during the fight of Pacquiao in Las Vegas and he took the chance to ask permission. The father was okay with it. Anyway, they’re still his daughters and his blood. The daughters also agreed that it would be better to use Cruz since they are known as singers. Sunshine said that Cesar can also sing well but it’s really the Cruz clan who’s known as singers. She also revealed that she will be removing Montano from her name since they are already annulled. As for her daughters, they will eventually drop the surname when they get married so there’s no need to legally remove it.

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