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Angeline Quinto Showed Her Generosity by Feeding Street Kids to Her House and Letting Them Use Her Pool

Life of street children is hard because they don’t have enough money to buy food 3 times a day. Some of them have ragged and dirty clothes. They do not experience the convenience that we have in life.

The singer-actress Angeline Quinto realized the difficult life of street kids and invited them at a private party in her house. Angeline and her driver had gone to the squatter’s area. They asked permission from the parents of street kids that they will invite them for a party.

Angeline invited 5 children and let them enjoy swimming in her pool. She watched over them and saw that they had a great time. The kids smiled the entire day. Angeline served spaghetti and fried chicken to the children. Angeline really did great on treating these children and making them feel special even for a single day. She shared a vlog and said that she wanted to do this and make street kids happy.

Before going home, Angeline also gave the kids some groceries that they could share with their families. The kids are thankful and happy because of Angeline’s generosity. This story touched the hearts of many netizens. Angeline received many positive comments for making the street kids feel special.

One commenter said that Angeline is a very simple lady. She said that God will bless the actress for her humble heart. Another commenter said that the kids will never forget this moment in their life. She said one day if they get rich, they will do the same thing.

We are blessed to have what we have. You can also do good deeds to other people by sharing your blessings even in a simple way. You can share happiness to other people even though there is no special occasion.

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