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Anne Curtis and Siblings Surprised Mom with Expensive Gift

Mommy Carmen, the mother of Anne Curtis, shared a video on Twitter showing her smiling to her heart’s content while opening a box containing the gift of her children; Anne, Jasmin, and Thomas, and her son-in-law Erwan. She posted this on her account, “My special gift from My beautiful @annecurtissmith @jascurtissmith @tomcurtis smith @erwanheusaff thank you guys. The happy mom got surprised after receiving an expensive Louis Vuitton bag.


On another note, Anne Curtis shared that her family is very happy and excited when she announced that she and Erwan are expecting their firstborn. Though very excited with her new bag, Mommy Carmen is more excited and happier that she will now have a grandchild; her first. Anne told her mom that she’s very happy that Mommy Carmen was able to take a quick trip during this special time. Anne also said she hopes that her mom liked her birthday gift; her grandchild. The expectant mother also said she hopes that her son/daughter gets the “kulit” genes from her mother. She’s also excited to make her child experience the same kind of love that her mother showered her.


Anne feels very blessed that she experienced the kind of care and love from her mother. She’s very happy that her upcoming baby will also experience the same from Mommy Carmen. She’s also thankful that her mother will be around to guide her as she is about to become a mom herself. It can be recalled that Anne in time for her and Erwan’s second wedding anniversary, she had happily shared that she is going to be a mother soon. They got married in 2017 and their coming baby is the best gift they have received on their 2nd anniversary. Anne is truly blessed; happy with both her career and marriage with Erwan and she finally got her dream to be a mother. What more can she ask for?


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