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How to Apply for a LTO Student Permit Requirements and Procedures

The LTO student permit requirements and procedures of getting a student permit driver’s license in Land Transportation Office / LTO.

Travelling is one of the most rewarding moments especially among young professionals nowadays. A luxury before has now become a common trend maybe because of the stress level in many industries.

Among the most usual means is a road trip. With a reliable car, perfect destination and your family or friends, you can create a wonderful getaway or escape from the hassle of the city. There are also people who want to go solo. And with that, driving skill and of course a driver’s license is a must.


Aside from enrolling to a driving school or asking someone to teach you how to drive, acquiring a student driver’s license is the first step in the ladder to drive your way to your travel destination.

Here are the easy steps on how to apply for a student driver’s license.


LTO Student Permit Applicant Must:

  1. At least 17 years old.
  2. Physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle.
  3. Able to read and write in Filipino or English.

LTO Student Permit Requirements:

  1. Original and photocopy of birth certificate.
  2. If employed, Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)
  3. A filled out application for driver’s license (ADL) [Download this form here].

*Applicants not yet 18 years old need a parent’s or guardian’s written consent with a photocopy of an ID card as proof of identity. If parent or guardian is not present, the written consent must be notarized.


Student Permit Applicant Must:

  1. Be at least 17 years old.
  2. Know how to read and write in English or Filipino.
  3. Have arrived in the Philippines at least one month prior to the date of application and can show evidence from BID/DFA that the applicant will stay in the country for at least five months from the date of application.

Student Permit Requirements:

  1. Original and photocopy of passport with visa duration of at least five months from date of applications.
  2. A filled out application for driver’s license (ADL) [Download this form here].
  3. Any of the following:
  • Valid alien certificate of registration (ACR).
  • If born in the Philippines, original and photocopy of birth certificate.
  • If student, original and photocopy of school ID.

Student Permit Applicant Procedures:

  1. Go to the Customer Service Counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a Driver’s License Application Form. [This form is available for download here. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.] Get a queue number.
  2. When your number is called, go to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents to have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
  3. When your name is called, go to where your photo and signature will be taken.
  4. Go to the cashier to pay the fees and to obtain an official receipt (OR).
  5. Proceed to the releasing counter with the OR and claim the student driver’s permit.

Read Also:

LTO Licensing Center:

Any licensing center/ district office with new driver’s license transactions

For Metro Manila Applicants:

Licensing Section – Central Office

East Avenue, Quezon City

For Provincial Applicants

Any licensing center/designated district office

Student Permit Fees and charges

Student Permit (SP) Fee     P150.00
Application Fee                    P100.00
Computer Fee                       P67.63
TOTAL                                  P317.63

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