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Guide How to Apply Mayor’s Permit

Are you planning to start a business in the Philippines?

One of the basic requirements to start a business is the Mayor’s permit. It’s essential to secure this permit f that you can operate your business legally. But, before you proceed applying for Mayor’s permit make sure that your business is registered with DTI or Department of Trade and Industry for single proprietorship.

If the business is a corporation or partnership, it should be registered with the SEC or the Securities and Exchange Commission.


Basic requirements to apply for a Mayor’s Permit

The procedures to secure a Mayor’s permit may vary on every city, but the basic requirements include the following:

  • Barangay clearance
  • Business Name Certificate with DTI (for single proprietor)
  • SEC Registration Certificate (for corporation)
  • Authorization Letter with ID
  • Community Tax Certificate or CEDULA
  • Tax Declaration/Lease Contract
  • SSS certification

How to apply for a Mayor’s Permit

  1. Secure the application form from the Business Permit and Licensing Office of the city, town, or municipality. Fill it out and submit for authentication.
  2. Submit the occupancy and building permit along with the building area and a drawing of the business location to the Engineering Department. Ask for the assessment of the building fee.
  3. Go to the Electrical Department and apply for a Certificate of Electrical Inspection. An Electrical Engineer will visit and inspect your place. If there’s no problem, the certificate will be granted to you.
  4. Apply for Health and Sanitary Permit from the Health and Sanitary Office. X-rays and drug tests for the employees will be required and attend seminar.
  5. A Fire Permit is also required and personnel from the BFP will inspect the place and will require a zoning clearance.
  6. The zoning clearance can be obtained from the Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator. If the business place conforms to the existing ordinance, the clearance will be released after the payment.
  7. After securing all the necessary clearances, bring them to the Filing and Assessment section. The business permit licensing personnel will verify the documents and the Municipal Treasurer will evaluate the files.
  8. After paying the Tax Order Payment, the last document that you need to secure is the Certificate of Registration, after which the Mayor’s Permit will be released.

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The process of securing a Mayor’s Permit for your business can be done and completed within a day. Make sure to make payments only to the Municipal Treasurer’s Office and never deal with a fixer.

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