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Artificial Fish Hatching Video Shows That Fish Babies Can Hatch Without Their Mothers

Cichlids males try to mate by digging a hole/nest and attract a female cichlid by doing a fin shaking dance. If the male is successful, the female cichlid will lay her eggs in the nest and the male will fertilize those eggs. After he fertilizes it, she will pick up the eggs and put it in her mouth until those eggs hatch. It takes 10-15 days for the eggs to hatch after the fertilization process. After they hatch, the mother will carry her babies inside her mouth for up to 2 weeks or more and will only let them out when feeding them. First-time cichlid mothers will only have around 10 eggs per batch while mature female produces up to 30 eggs.

That is the normal way for cichlids to breed. Another way to breed is through artificial process. This is the newest trend in breeding cichlids. The process involves putting the eggs in a small incubator inside an aquarium to simulate the environment of their mother’s mouth which is warm.

The process will take 21 days compared to the normal process which can take 10-15 days only. The video shows the artificial way to breed cichlids. Those soy bean looking things are actually the cichlid’s eggs which are ready to hatch. You can see that the eggs are moving and jumping around which is a sign that they’re almost in the final stage of hatching.

After a few moments, the eggs hatch and those small and cute fish babies come out proving that the artificial hatching method is effective. You could see in the video that the fish babies are looking healthy as they move around in the small incubator and eager to be taken in a bigger environment.

See for yourself this video:


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