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At the aged of 52, this Woman Often Mistaken as Her Sons’ Girlfriend

When you look at Puspa Dewi, you’d think she’s only in her teens. But the truth is that she’s already 52 years old. So, what makes her look young?

imave via puspa dewi | ig

This youthful woman lives in Indonesia. She has two teenage sons. People always thought she’s the girlfriend of her sons when they first meet her. Sometimes they would think she’s their sister.

She credits her youthful glow to taking care of herself. More importantly, she said that it’s her family’s love that makes her super attractive. The youthful lady said on her Social Media, “The happier you are, the more beautiful you become.”

imave via puspa dewi | ig

Puspa maintains an active lifestyle. She eats a balanced diet and exercises regularly. Badminton, swimming, aerobics, and Zumba are some of the fitness activities she’s into. Her business also keeps her busy.

Netizens are amazed when they learned about the radiating beauty. One netizen exclaimed Puspa is like her, being 50 and looking stunning. She added that she achieved that through self-love and a healthy lifestyle.

imave via puspa dewi | ig

Another woman said that she wished she looked like Puspa, youthful, and glowing, so people will think her children are her friends.

Some netizens think she never experienced stress. They said that her husband and children must be good to her because she looks like a stress-free person.

imave via puspa dewi | ig

This woman must have good genes! She’s beautiful, sexy, and flawless! No wonder, netizens adored her youthful appearance.

This gives hope to all the women out there. You can also look young if you take care of yourself. It’s the perfect combination of exercise, diet, and happy existence.

imave via puspa dewi | ig

Hey, Puspa! Can you teach us more about your lifestyle? We wish to look as young as you!

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