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Baby Lilo, Shows Some Cutest Dance Moves

Who can resist cuteness from an angelic face of babies? They have natural ways of making the world smile and laugh and forget about the troubles of life.

Andy and Philmar’s vlogs are one of the most followed in social media. Netizens admired Andy’s courage in embracing the life that she wanted away from the paparazzi, the pressure and stress of being a celebrity, especially coming from a well-known family of Eigenmann.

She decided to live a life with partner Philmar Alipayo and their cute babies Ellie and Lilo. Keliana Alohi Eigenmann Alipayo or known as baby Lilo, is often joining the couple in their vlogs, and recently, Philmar uploaded on Instagram a video of baby Lilo, Ellie, and Andy, captioning “This is everything.”

The video is a bonding moment of the three girls dancing to the beat of music from a video played from a mobile phone. Andy and Ellie were trying to follow the dance moves shown in the video when suddenly, baby Lilo seemed to be dancing too. She is raising her hands, bending her knees, and swaying her hips.

With amusement, Elli said, “Mommy, look at Lilo!” and baby Lilo seems to be enjoying as she screams with excitement and dances to the beat of the music.

This cute little girl is only 11 months old but already showcases her talent in dancing, and netizens can’t resist her charm and cuteness that the video had reached more than 126 000 views—truly bringing good vibes and a happy thought.


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This is not the first time that baby Lilo has captured netizens’ hearts. From Philmar’s previous vlogs, baby Lilo enjoyed a day at the beach on top of a surfing board and not a trace of fear from her face. She was only ten months back then. This little girl also loves water! Just like her parents especially her mother who was also surfing while she was carrying baby Lilo inside her tummy during her 9th month of pregnancy.

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