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Baby with Hearing Loss Couldn’t Contain Her Happiness When She Heard Her Mother’s Voice for the First Time

Baby Charly is only two-months old and this early, she was already detected with profound hearing loss that’s why she never heard her mother’s voice before. But this changed when for the first time she was given a hearing aid. Her mother, Cristy was holding her when she said ‘I love you’ Charly and that’s when the little girl got teary-eyed because it was the first time she heard her voice. Charly was so excited to hear her mother’s voice that it made her cry when her Cristy talked to her.

What’s shocking though about the hearing loss of baby Charly is that they don’t have a history of that condition in the family but when Charly didn’t respond to voices and noises, they felt alarmed and true enough she was declared with that condition. Despite Charly having a hearing impairment, she’s a healthy and beautiful little girl and her condition doesn’t need to be a hindrance for her to get by in life.

The video that show a mother and daughter’s love inspired many people across the world because it showed an unbreakable bond between the two which symbolizes other mothers and kids who love one another. Charly is just a small little girl who lost her hearing but her illness didn’t stop her from longing to hear her mother’s voice and Cristy did everything she can so her daughter can live life as normally as possible.

A mother’s love is one of the greatest loves of all because our mothers always sacrifice their happiness and life for us. Cristy proved that she is the best mother for Charly when she bought her daughter a hearing aid and Charly is the sweetest daughter who was happy to hear her mother’s voice.

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