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Bahay na Hindi pa Natitirahan Higit 40K ang Water Bill

Imagine this; you haven’t transferred to your newly built house yet but the water bill already costs Php40K. What are you going to do? Are you going to pay for it? This is the dilemma of Tina Palacios. Her house being built in Pateros hasn’t even finished construction yet but in September 2018, Manila Water charged her with Php40,000.00.  She reported this to Manila Water at once and their house was checked.

The initial investigation showed no sign of damage and the team from Manila Water was surprised too. Eventually and after further checking, it was found out that there was a leak under the house. The leak was located after the meter. In this situation, the Palacios will be responsible for the charge and for the repair of the leak. They will be forced to pay for the Php40K bill because according to the spokesperson of Manila Water, Dittie Galang, all pipelines after the water meter is the responsibility of the customer.

Palacios was given the option to pay half of the bill and the remaining 50% can be paid within six months. This is not quite acceptable to Palacios because she wants to ask for consideration since there is no one living in the house yet. If they will not be agreeable to this, they can file a complaint or request for consideration to the MWSS (Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System). This incident should serve as a reminder to all consumers to always check their pipelines to ensure that there are no leaks. This situation is no joke especially with the bill that has to be paid and the amount that will be shelled out to repair the leak considering that it is located under the house. If you’re constructing a house, make sure to check the pipes before it will be completely covered. Situations like this can be avoided if the concerned parties have seen to it that the materials are in good condition.

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