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Bashers Who Questions Arci Muñoz for Her BTS Fangirl Spending Habits Get Frank Answers from Her

Many followers know that Arci Muñoz is an avid fan of the Koren Band BTS. She follows them anywhere when she isn’t working. She watches their shows and buys a lot of merchandise of the group. Last New Year, she was in New York to watch the countdown and BTS because they were a guest. Because of this, one netizen asked, “How do you afford all these? Traveling now and then, and following the boys,”? She then answered, “I work my ass off. Duh?” Of course, some fans defended her but bashers were quick to join the fun saying, “Girl, be humble. Huwag masyadong feeling bad*ss mag reply. Nasa showbiz world ka. Well, good luck sa career”.

Arci’s answers were, “Lemme get this straight. It’s my goddam hard-earned money I do whatever I want with it. BTS makes me so happy. And so I do whatever makes me happy. Now, tell me how my answer seems so bad to ya?! Huh?! Tell me?!

She also added, “How rude is that answer?! Tell me?”, Who the f*ck are you to tell me what to and not to say?! Huh?!! Many followers understood where Arci is coming from. She is an avid fan and she is working hard to support her interests. But, others judged her for answering that way. They said it is unlikely for a star to speak harsh words.

It is Arci’s right to spend her money how she likes it. But, having a public Social Media account opens her life to the public. People will always notice and they will comment when they don’t want something they see. It’s up to Arci if she will answer them or not. But it looks like she is making amends for she posted that she will bring a BTS fan to her BTS trip as a birthday treat to one lucky follower.

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