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Bea Alonzo, Showcases Her Grand, Huge, and Very Modern-Style House

Bea Alonzo’s house tour is probably one of the grandest houses you’ll ever see from the celebrities showcasing their homes.

In the first part of her house tour, Bea shared that since she moved to her house in 2012, she never really changed its structure but opted to just get different furniture over the years to give her home a “new” look without having to spend much on renovation. She also mentioned that one of her good friends designed her house’s interior, and she really put Bea’s vision into reality.

“I think, kasi parang sometimes, you get caught up on what theme to follow. I feel like we should not focus on the theme that much, but focus on how our home makes us feel,” said Bea.

One of the very first part of the house she has shown was her office room. According to her, it was the least used room in her house.

“I don’t do meetings here. I don’t really work here. But sometimes, this becomes my glam room. Actually, I place all my memorabilia, my awards, my book collection here,” she said.

In the living room, Bea showed off all the paintings and collections she’s acquired through the years, including a Michael Cacnio piece, which was given to her by ex-boyfriend Zanjoe Marudo.

“Sobrang gustong gusto ko ito. This was gifted to me by Zanjoe before. Siyempre, when we broke up, I was wondering kung dapat ba tinatanggal yung mga bagay na meron ka from your ex-. But I just really find it so beautiful and it reminds me of our good memories. I thought, why not keep it? So I kept it. It’s really nice,” she said.

The kitchen tour followed the living room tour. Bea said it’s the most frequently used part of her house.

“As you know, if you follow me on Instagram, makikita niyo how I love to cook and also bake. I love to cook for my friends, for my family, for the frontliners. I like doing that. I like feeding people,” she mentioned.  She has kitchen houses a teapot collection, which includes gift sets from director Lauren Diyogi and Kris Aquino.

Bea also showcased her backyard filled with green plants and it is where her pool and lanai are located.

“Bridal and baby shower ng sister-in-law ko, dito ginawa. Also, the bridal shower of my best friend, dito rin ginawa. I’ve had good memories here. I would swim here with my cousins and my friends. Ang laking bagay nitong bahay na ito sa akin,” she said.


Due to the quarantine, she temporarily turned the lanai into an art studio where she spends time painting. “I am not a painter, but I do it just to relax and to relieve my stress. It’s been doing the job very well,” explained Bea.

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