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Beautiful Scenic View of Metro Manila Can be Seen from the Balcony of Kramer’s House

Amid chaotic happenings recently, we tend to look into something that would lighten our mood and feelings. Sometimes when we are too busy with almost everything, every day, we forget to enjoy looking at the sky or enjoying the air that we breathe. These are simple things that go unnoticed.

Lucky enough is the family of Doug and Cheska as they get to enjoy the scenic view of the night sky, the sunset, and the overview of the Metro, as they just stay inside their home. What a beautiful way to end each day!

Tram Kramer | Facebook

On the recent photos they uploaded, netizens were in awe of the views they shared, such as the magnificent sunset.

Dough mentioned that they even got a peek of Mt. Mariveles from the view. “City lights of the whole Metro Manila with a beautiful sunset! Mt. Mariveles visible behind Manila Bay,” he said on his post.

Tram Kramer | Facebook

They also set up a telescope in their balcony, and their kids really enjoyed and loved it. Gavin, Kendra, and Scarlet can have to stargaze any time of the night as long as the weather is good and the stars are visible in the night sky.

Their house is not just a lovely abode to live at but also an ideal spot for sky viewing to relax the mind and body.

Tram Kramer | Facebook

“Zoomed in perspective of the Metro! Can also use it for astronomy for the kiddos. Enjoyed it with another beautiful sunset! Also used my lens from my phone for a bigger picture,” Doug said.

Their followers couldn’t help but somehow “envy” the free scenery they enjoy every day. A fan wrote, “Thank you Team KRAMER. I got to see these amazing views of nature. I really appreciate it.”

Another netizen also commented, “Ganda naman. Sana all!”

Tram Kramer | Facebook

Doug had earlier shared that his wife Cheska is very hands-on with the organizing and arranging of their house. Aside from the beautiful pool area, they also showed off the master’s bedroom balcony, which also has scenic views.

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