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Blind Beggar Gets More Alms When Woman Changes the Sign on His Cardboard

The power of words can make anyone cry; it can make anyone happy or angry because words are always powerful so when this woman who happened to pass by a blind beggar, she changed his life when she changed the sign on his cardboard. The beggar who’s been trying hard to get some alms wrote on his cardboard ‘I’m blind, please help’ but people didn’t buy it so he only got a little amount but when the woman who passed by changed his sign, he got more alms.

He was intrigued so when she passed by again she stopped by the old beggar and when he recognized her, he asked what she wrote to make the people give more alms. He was amazed because of the impact her words have over the people who shared a fraction of their money with him. She answered that she wrote the same but in a different approach. The beggar was so thankful for the woman who helped him. He was seen waving goodbye to the woman while she walked away.

Choosing the right words to say and not say requires a special ability. Speaking or writing the correct words can trigger many emotions and for the people with this kind of gift, they’re very lucky because they can say what they feel in their heart is right.

The beggar who got some help from the woman will forever be thankful for her help because this paved the way so he can have some money to buy himself some food. This is an inspiring story of using one’s skill to show compassion and help a person in need. If it wasn’t for the woman, the beggar would still be hungry because of lack of alms.


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