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Bojo Molina Shares Reasons why He Left Showbizness

Bojo Molina is one of the busiest stars between the 90s and 2000s. He was one of the main characters in the defunct youth-oriented television show Gimik. He starred alongside Judy Ann Santos, Rico Yan, G Toengi, Mylene Dizon, Diether Ocampo, and more. For a time, he was partnered with Mylene Dizon – and occasionally became a third party to the Jolina-Marvin love team. The show was very popular in those days and the characters became role models for many teens.

Bojo or Ubaldo Molina Punonbayan, Jr. experienced what it was like to be famous. He also met his ex-girlfriend Rica Peralejo in the showbiz world. He acted in more shows and films until the early 2000s. He even reprised his role for Gimik in 2010 as a guest star of the show’s new edition. He guested five times with friends Diether Ocampo, G. Toengi, Mylene Dizon, and Judy Ann Santos.

But he chose to live a quiet life outside of showbiz after that. He migrated abroad and eventually had a family. He is now happily married to Johansen Kwe (non-showbiz). She’s also the reason why he chose to quit showbiz. He said he didn’t want to drag her into a chaotic environment. He also insisted they want to maintain their privacy.


He now lives in Guam with her and their two children. He maintains a Facebook account where his fans can still catch a glimpse of his whereabouts. He works for the Red Dragon Production by the Sorensen Media group.  It’s a pretty quiet life compared to what he has here in the Philippines before. But as he says, he wants to live a normal life now with his family. He traded fame for something very special to him. He is now a family man putting the people he loves first.

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