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Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao’s Luxurious House in Los Angeles

Whenever Senator Manny Pacquiao has a boxing fight in the U.S., he would stay in his luxurious house in Los Angeles, California together with his entire family. Just like his last bout with Keith Thurman last July 20, 2019, they stayed in their L.A. home while waiting for the fight. His wife, Jinkee Pacquiao, gave a tour of their luxurious house in Los Angeles. Her followers have also been familiar with their California house because she would upload pictures of different areas in the house in her Instagram account.

Dining Area

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

This is a very spacious and cozy area of the house with an 8-seater dining table. The clear glass globes chandelier can’t go unnoticed because of its very unique design. There’s also a floor to ceiling fixed glass just beside the dining table where the natural light comes in. Small driftwood was used as an accent on the dining table.

There’s an under-stair shelves near the dining area aside from the 2 comfy white-colored chairs. A very enchanting air bubble chandelier hangs over it.

Living Area

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

This area is also very spacious and comfy. The white cozy sofa complements the entire look of the house. Natural lights stream from the floor to ceiling fixed glass.

Swimming Pool Area

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

The Pacquiao kids love to swim and having a swimming pool in each of their several mansions is a must. The pool is simple yet elegant. There are comfy white sofas near the pool. It’s obvious that they have a penchant for the color white. The pool can be accessed through the living or dining area.

image credit to jinkee pacquio IG

The Pacquiao mansion was reportedly worth $3M when they purchased it. It was reported to have been burglarized last January 2019, the day of Senator Pacquiao’s boxing match with Adrien Broner.

The Pacquiao family has gone a long way, thanks to the boxing prowess of the boxing champ.

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