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Boy Hit by Sister, Impressed Everyone When He Didn’t Fight Back

Old People always say that boys should never hurt girls even they’re already angry. This boy’s mom must be proud of her son for having self-control over his temper. The video that has everyone feeling amazed by this gracious reaction of a little boy who don’t know much yet about the world shows that even in this day when there are kids who have forgotten to pay respects and show compassion, loving people can still be found.


It’s not clear if the boy and little girl are siblings but the video was taken inside a house that’s why everybody is assuming they’re either related or friends. The short video elicited sweet and thoughtful responses from netizens saying that they are surprised that he was able to control his temper.

The boy got hurt and he was crying but somehow he didn’t fight back. This gesture endeared him to all the people who saw it. Some netizens were quick to point that they also want a kid who respects girls and would never hurt them. Some pointed out that it takes a lot of self-control to just let it go when someone hits you like that.


It could be seen in the video that the boy’s hands was shaking and the little has that smirk on her face for making the little boy cry but the good thing is he didn’t hit the little girl which could be easy for some when provoked. He showed he is a little gentleman. This video is a proof violence is not something that should be encouraged. Although what the girl did to the little boy isn’t very nice and should also need to be addressed, not everything will be solved through physical abuse.

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