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LTO Requirements and Procedure for Brand New Motorcycle Registration

Any kind of motorized vehicle must be registered in the LTO or Land Transportation Office and this include a brand new motorcycle. This is for your own safety that is why any motor owner needs to go in LTO to have motorcycle registration.

Before you can drive it on public roads make sure that it is registered and has complete documents such as official receipt, plate number, and certificate of registration.

The good thing is that the dealer of the motorcycle can process the LTO motorcycle registration in your behalf. All you have to do is to pay the amount and wait until it is registered. But, you can use the motorcycle in the streets as long as the motorcycle dealer gives you temporary document.


If you have time to handle the registration of your new motorcycle, then do it on your own. Here are some tips:

Requirements for Brand New Motorcycle Registration

  • Sales of invoice
  • Stencil of the engine and chassis of the motorcycle
  • Certificate of quality control
  • CSR or certificate of stock report
  • Motor vehicle clearance certificate issued by the PNP-TMG
  • Approved MVIR or Motor Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Insurance certificate of cover

Steps to register a brand new motorcycle

  • Visit the nearest LTO District Office along with your new motorcycle and the necessary requirements. Take note must be properly attire.
  • Approach the personnel-in-charge at the Transaction Counter and submit the requirements.
  • Accomplish the Motor Vehicle Inspection report form so that an LTO officer will inspect the brakes, horn, signal lights and others if they are functioning properly.
  • If there’s no problem, you can pay the registration fee at the cashier and don’t forget to ask for the official receipt.
  • The plate number, certificate of registration and other documents will also released at the Releasing Counter.

The registration fee varies depending on the approved amount of the LTO District Office and it may range from Php400 to Php600.

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