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Camille Prats Looks Back at the Time She Became a Little Miss Philippines Contestant

A few years before Camille Pratts became a child sensation via the blockbuster movie, “Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa”, she was one of the candidates in the Little Miss Philippines competition in Eat Bulaga. She was still using her full name, Sheena Patricia Camille Quiamba Pratts, when she joined the contest. The then four-year-old Camille wowed the audience because of her wittiness. She was such a cute little girl back then that she warmed the hearts of everyone.

Looking back, Camille really thought she won that time. She got an award for Best in Gown and her family celebrated her feat. Her father even bought Lechon and there was a party in their street in Sta. Mesa. Being a very young four-year-old plus the street party for her, Camille thought she bagged the title. But it was then that she also learned about defeat. That in spite of losing in the competition, there’s still a reason to celebrate because she reached the grand finals. She also learned that if something’s not for you, no matter what you do, you won’t get it and everything that happens in your life has a reason.

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Little Camille may have lost in the kids’ beauty pageant but her rise to stardom came when she became one of the kids in the ABS-CBN kids’ gag show, Ang TV. Her big break came with the movie, “Sarah, ang Munting Prinsesa”. This was the Pinoy version of a Nippon Anime in 1985, Princess Sarah.

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This was followed by many other movies and TV shows which further endeared the very cute Camille to the televiewers and moviegoers. She’s one of the child actresses that grew up in the public’s eyes. She has recently given birth to her third child and has gotten back to work in a TV series in GMA-7.

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