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Carinderia Server Graduated Cum Laude despite the Odds

It’s always inspiring to hear about stories of people who aren’t well off in life but were able to rise from their situation. Take the case of this former Carinderia server who was able to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Early Childhood Education and became a Cum Laude. She didn’t allow her status in life to hinder her dreams. Her journey to success was not easy but it just kept her going.

Ivy Melody Santos Generoso came from a poor family and her parents can’t send her to college because of their lack of finances. She had always dreamt of becoming a teacher. She worked as a server in a nearby carinderia but her goal did not end there. Her grandmother was able to send her to college and through a ladderized program; she finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Education. But then, this degree wasn’t able to land her a job that would be enough for her and her family’s needs so she also got herself a service crew job in a fast food chain along with other odd jobs.

Carinderia Server Graduated Cum Laude despite the Odds

credit to: Ivy Melody Santos Generoso / Facebook

To help in the family’s finances, she also became a street trader. She got married afterward and got blessed with three children. Her husband doesn’t have a steady job and this made their daily lives a struggle so to speak. With this kind of situation, Ivy thought of going back to school and fulfill her longtime dream of becoming a teacher. The salary she’ll get as a teacher will be a great help for her family and it will finally fulfill her dream.

She remembered how people mocked and frowned at her in disbelief that she will not be able to pursue her dream and that she just wanted to live a single life again. They even said that she should just focus on her children instead of going back to school. Yes, having three kids and studying at the same time was a great challenge and sacrifice but she went on. Financing her studies was a big problem but it seems that her prayers were heard when the University of Caloocan offered a scholarship for those that will pass their test which was actually a contest wherein she had to write a lot of essays.

Carinderia Server Graduated Cum Laude despite the Odds 0

credit to: Ivy Melody Santos Generoso / Facebook

The winner will get a big amount of money which was almost too good to be true so when Ivy’s name was announced as the Regional Finalist of Soroptimist International Phils. Region, she wasn’t able to stand up as she couldn’t really believe that she won. She used the prize she won for her studies. Her story only proves that when you have set a goal for yourself and make a go for it; you will succeed.


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