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Carlo Aquino Respects Angelica Panganiban’s Decision Not to Work with Him Again

Carlo Aquino has again hit the headlines because of the tweets of his ex-girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban. Reporters asked his comment regarding the matter and he answered politely. He said that it was his boss who informed him about the actress’ tweet but he refused to elaborate what was posted. He said that he doesn’t want to add fuel to the fire and wants to give it to Angelica, whatever her reasons were in posting the said tweet. Her emotions are valid, according to the actor, and he doesn’t want to make a big story out of it.

Issues had been running for about 7 months already and it’s been quite long enough. When asked, Carlo told the reporters that he had personally apologized to the actress. Apologizing publicly is a sign of hypocrisy, he further stressed out. They have talked several times and he respects her decision when she said that working with him again is impossible. Reporters wanted to know how Angelica reacted to the apology of Carlo but he didn’t want to divulge any more.

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It can be recalled that the two had a past when they were in their teen years. They became a couple for six years and it was an on and off relationship because Carlo was quite a playboy that time, even courting Angelica Panganiban’s best friend at that time, Camille Prats. The relationship ended after six years and the actress had other relationships after that; with Derek Ramsay followed by John Lloyd Cruz. The pair have remained friends though.

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The ex-lovers reunited onscreen in 2018 via the box-office hit movie, Exes baggage. During the promo of the movie, fans were hoping that they will also reunite off-screen as both were rumored to be single that time but what happened was the opposite. Something happened along the way that even their friendship ended and resulted in Angelica vowing not to work with Carlo again.


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