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Casoon Boy Scouts Wows The Crowd When They Performed Their Signature Moves

The parents of these boy scouts must be very proud of their son for finishing their stunts at the 9th Municipal Camporal Monkayo Central. The coach of the boy scouts is Jimmy Serban Alcorin Umalis who taught them this complex moves. The Casoon boy scouts wows the crowd when they performed their signature moves and everybody watched intently how each boy marched with pride during this celebration. The excited crowd cheered for the boys as they went to their respective places and do their stunts.

To give a brief background, the Boy Scout of the Philippines is an a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement since 1946. The Philippines used to hold the record for having the most number of members. Today, when young boys become scouts they will abide by their Scout Oath and Law.

Those law and oath concentrates on being a good children of God and a helpful citizen to their country. They must obey the Scouting law at all times like helping others and being physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Scouting is an exciting school activity because members of it can join camping and other programs that are meant to keep young boys fit and healthy. It’s also a way for them to have friends and obey their elders. There are also programs for Boy Scouts like the video uploaded where in they can compete or perform and showcase their talents. These programs ensure that the boys be included in a meaningful scouting life where their parents can be proud of them.

The opportunities for Boy Scouts doesn’t end when they finish school but it continues even in adulthood where they can join campaigns and be the one helping younger boys scouts.

Watch their beautiful move| Source: Facebook

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