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Central China Swinging Bridge Game Now Viral

Japan is well-known for its unusual games but not too long ago, Central China also came up with a challenging game that swept people off their feet. This game became a viral hit with netizens. This funny game is being held at the Shuoping Flower Field located in Ruzhou where a swinging bridge made of bamboo plates is used for the game.

The game is meant to challenge both the minds and the bodies of the players involved. This game in China surely knows how to keep tourists interested. Anybody can join the fun as long as they’re up for the challenge.

The game needs two teams to play and it will start by shaking the bridge as they try to hold onto the bridge while trying to sway the contestants from the other team. Each team needs to make the members of the other team to fall so they can be declared as winners.

What’s hilarious is the way the contestants of both team try to hold onto the bridge. Some players already have their body lying on the bridge but still aren’t falling while some quickly fall into the shallow waters which are outstanding too. A woman was even seen falling quickly when she failed the challenge.

The location of the game is in a tourist area in Central China and its popularity is widespread that even the venue is now also famous. The location also has many people trying out the challenge since it opened in October 2014. It’s now considered as the main attraction of the tourist spot.

The game was also featured in the weekly Hunan Television which is a local show in China. This viral game sure knows how to keep the tourists of the flower field coming. Through this friendly game, everyone is sure to have a good time.

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