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Cheska Garcia Kramer Shared Her Family’s Favorite Vegetable Garden

Have you discovered a new hobby during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ)? Most of us, for sure, are feeling very bored and weary since we can’t go out like we used to. One way to kill time is to discover a new past time and recreation. It can be learning a new skill, like drawing or sketching, how to play the guitar, learning a new language or gardening.

Photo Source: Team Kramer / Facebook

Actress and model, Cheska Garcia Kramer posted on her Facebook account her favorite past time, gardening. She even included a picture of their vegetable garden at home.

“It is true, the bounty is plentiful for mother nature,” Cheska also posted.

Photo Source: Team Kramer / Facebook

Why bother buying stuff from the market or grocery if you have your own organic garden. One can enjoy the freshness and health benefits of vegetables from your own backyard. Cheska also posted online their produce; calamansi, eggplants, ampalaya, sweet potato, and different types of chili pepper. They also have herbs and fruits planted in their garden. Her husband, Doug Kramer has also a green thumb.

Photo Source: Team Kramer / Facebook

They are also teaching their kids, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin gardening. Cheska even posted one time on her Instagram account that they enjoyed harvesting the calamansi fruit that Kendra and her siblings planted.

“Kids are seeing the value of their labor and experiencing the beauty of gardening,” she said.

Photo Source: Team Kramer / Facebook

“To see their seeds growing to it becoming the vegetables and fruits that go straight to our table. They also see the purpose of why they are doing it, the responsibility that comes with it, and the reward when they take on the task and stay committed to it. Such a simple and basic thing that does so much to the soul, mind, and overall health of a person. Just look at their fulfilled smiles,” she posted.

Photo Source: Team Kramer / Facebook

Such a good example to everybody, truly an ideal couple, ideal family. Hope to see more wonderful pictures of you and your beautiful garden.

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