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Cheska Garcia’s Gives Touching Birthday Message for Scarlett

Cheska Garcia got sentimental as her second daughter, Scarlett, turned eight years old. Just like other moms, she felt a bit emotional looking back and realizing that time has flown so fast. She lovingly calls her Louvie-girl and started describing how special she is. Cheska said that Scarlett is smart for her age and she’s very special and exceptional. The little girl is hardworking and intelligent for her age; according to the emotional mom. Scarlett’s also a talented writer and wiser than her age.

photo via cheska garcia | ig

photo via cheska garcia | ig

The doting mom also said that when it comes to personality, Scarlett is better than her. She can’t stop describing the qualities of her daughter whom she loves so dearly. The little girl is also an animal lover. Cheska said she can go on and on to describe Scarlett as the little girl is a lot of things. Sarlett Louvelle Garcia Kramer is known all over social media.

photo via cheska garcia | ig

photo via cheska garcia | ig

The netizens are avid followers of Team Kramer and their Facebook page has almost 9M likes. Netizens love seeing the photos of the Kramer family as they go on their daily adventures. The family has been sharing their life with the 8.6M likers of their page. Netizens adore and love the Kramer kids; Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin.

photo via cheska garcia | ig

The Kramer kids are practically growing up under the eyes of their followers. They’ve followed them since they were babies until they became a toddler and until now that they have been growing very fast. Cheska Garcia used to be a Kapamilya. The very young and beautiful Cheska was one of the members of “Ang TV”. She later on turned into a host for a lifestyle show and eventually married a basketball player, Doug Kramer. The two have created a beautiful family together and the netizens can see what a great and happy family they have.

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