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Chinita Princess Kim Chiu Classic Lavish Home

Kim Chiu had been working hard since the day she emerged the grand prize winner of ABS-CBN’s PBB Teen Edition. You can see how hard the Kapamilya sweetheart had been working when you see her house which stands on a 600 sq. m. lot in a posh subdivision in Quezon City. Her house is a combination of Contemporary, Neo-Classical, and Victorian styles. The house is modern but homey and cozy.


The photoshoot was done before Christmas so you can see Christmas decors by the door and the terrace. The front door has mystic knot decoration which is a symbol of feng shui. The symbol is said to bring harmony for the homeowners and attract good fortune. The young actress was also told that this symbol will help her find love.


Adorned with decorations, guests will feel welcomed once they enter the main door and see the foyer.

Living Area

The tuxedo couch and camelback chairs get paired with an octagon-shaped center table. The living area is very homey and saying that it’s beautiful is an understatement. The light brown rug complements the tufted seating pieces. The neutral color of the area gives it a cozy feel.

An Egyptian crystal chandelier that hangs over the living room is truly eye-catching. According to Janet Diquiatco-Torio, design consultant, the chandelier was custom made so it would have the exact length for the room. The high ceiling gives the living room a lavish vibe.

Dining Area

The designer explained that she had chosen an eclectic design for the dining room. She had the mural on the wall of the dining room inspired by a place in Greece and done by artists Raymond Peralta and Raymond Cariaso.

The dining area is beautiful. Still following feng shui, the chairs in the dining room is designed with the number eight which is a symbol of infinity. Kim had consulted Joy Lim who is a feng shui expert so they had to add the color blue on the walls to offset the element of fire coming from the kitchen.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen area sits beside the dining room. It is well-equipped with modern appliances such as a Samsung French-door refrigerator, GE microwave oven, Elba oven, Krups coffeemaker, and a 3D bread toaster. There’s an Elba range hood over the cooktop to drive away the smell of foods and draw away the smoke.

Seating Area

On one corner near the kitchen is a spot that was converted for receiving and entertaining the family’s guests.


An outdoor area with an upholstered sofa can also be used to entertain guests or the family’s use for relaxation and bonding moments.

On the other side of the lanai, wooden pieces of furniture were used. There’s a small daybed in the area too.

Entertainment Room

Kim’s house has a mini theatre where she relaxes during her free time. She loves staying in this room Its filled with black reclining chairs and the walls are painted in gray and black.

Private Salon

Yes, you’ve read it right. Kim has her very own private salon in the house. She got the idea from Kris Aquino who has her dressing room and parlor in her old Valle Verde house. She wanted the entire room to be in pink but the designer advised her to add black. Though Kim was hesitant at first, she agreed anyway.

Powder Room

The room has printed tiles wit bronze and gold patterns. It’s not a very huge area but it’s very neat and elegant.

2nd Floor Hallway

The hallway on the 2nd floor is spacious too and well adorned with decorations. On one corner, Kim’s trophies and awards are displayed.

There’s an altar on one are which has several religious figures adorned with fresh flowers.

JP’s Bedroom

JP is Kim’s younger brother and his bedroom is a typical boy’s bedroom; simple and painted in blue and white colors. There aren’t many decorations except for a few Santa Claus figurines.

Kam and Twinkle’s Bedroom

Her two other siblings, Kam and Twinkle share a room. It’s a simple room with two beds with tufted headboards. They each have their own space in the bedroom.

2nd Floor Living Area

The living room on the 2nd floor was probably the actress’ color design as the walls, rug, and other things are in pink. It’s a very homey area and a perfect spot for bonding with the family or friends.

The area has a Sony home theatre system, a Filmographia media player, a Sony Bravia TV set, and an Xbox 360 video-game console. The brown sectional sofa was imported from China. The ottomans which would remind you of the jigsaw puzzle were bought from Eclectic Living. The walls are adorned with Kim’s photos from her magazine shoots.

Kim’s Bedroom

The actress wanted the entire house to be in pink but her sister advised her not to because she might outgrow her love for the said color. Thus, only her bedroom was in a pink motif.

Kim’s bedroom was divided into 2 floors. She has a living area and a staircase that leads to her bed and bathroom. She has an area that serves as ha mini-office where he iMac and WiFi internet router are located. On top of the table are shelves that hold her perfume collections which include Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Chanel No. 5.

Her staircase has silver horses for decor and luck. She has framed photos from her magazine covers. There’s a drawer that holds her sunglasses collection. A weighing scale is also in pink. She was born in the year of the horse so expect to see a lot of horse figurines around the house.

The second level of her bedroom holds her huge bed. The room is in shades of violet and pink. Paintings around the room are by Chico Javier.


Her bathroom is huge. She loves soaking in the bathtub so when she finally had the chance, she bought a bathtub for herself. There’s a shower area with a glass enclosure and a sauna too.

Walk-in Closet

The 3rd floor was made into a walk-in closet for the actress. Her shoes are kept inside a glass cabinet while her clothes are neatly placed inside open cabinets.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is divided into two areas; one for adults and another for kids. An underwater lighting system was installed in the pool giving it 7 different colors.

House at Night

The home at night looks festive in different side of views.

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