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Chito Miranda Has Nothing But Praises for His Wife Neri

One of the important factors to make a marriage work is never forgetting to praise your partner even for the simplest things. This is what Chito Miranda, lead vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar, practice in their marriage. As everyone knows, he is happily married to the former actress, Neri Naig. They may have had a string of controversies before getting married but they now have a blissful union.

image credit to chito miranda

On his latest post on his Facebook page, he uploaded a picture of his wife, Neri with a caption saying that’s his wife. The lead vocalist joked that until now, he can’t believe that his very beautiful wife fell in love with him even if he’s not good looking. He also said that he just used a love potion just so she’d love him back. He also said that Neri’s more successful than he is. She has her own restaurant now; Neri’s Not So Secret Garden.

image credit to chito miranda

Chito said that his wife is very sweet and she always likes to be near him. He’s a spoiled husband and his wife takes good care of him all the time. She always sees to it that his life is hassle-free especially if he has a gig. Neri allows her to just rest after eating instead of him helping her. She also takes care of his vitamins; making sure that he never skips taking them. He reiterated jokingly that it’s only vitamins he’s taking and nor maintenance yet.

image credit to chito miranda

Chito admits that in his line of work, there are temptations now and then. Band members are what they usually call as ladies’ man but his wife gave him a reason to be a good man. He considers himself very lucky for having the wonderful family that they have and he won’t do anything to destroy it. If men would be like Chito, this would prevent having broken families.

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