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Circulate Online the Estimated Net Worth of Sarah Geronimo is Php3.8 Billion

Many people are shocked about the reports on Mommy Divine’s disapproval with her daughter’s marriage with Matteo Guidicelli.

We all know that Sarah Geronimo worked so hard for her family for many years. Her whole family was able to live a good life due to Sarah’s earnings as a singer-actress.

Sarah revealed on interviews that Mommy Divine holds and manages her income. The Popstar Princess loves her parents so much that she trusted them with her finances. Sarah experienced an emotional breakdown in her concert held in Las Vegas last 2018. She said that she felt empty even after being successful.

Netizens have been curious about the net worth of Sarah Geronimo. In year 2016, BIR decided not to post the Philippines’ top taxpayers because of the Data Privacy Law. Sarah was always part of the yearly list before the law was implemented.

In 2009, Sarah paid Php4.89 million because her earning then was Php15.28 million. Sarah’s earnings increased as her popularity rose. In 2010, Sarah paid the taxes amounting to Php14.83 million from earning a total of Php46.4 million. She paid Php21.47 million in taxes because her earnings was Php67.09 million in year 2014.

Sarah is considered as one of the richest celebrities who has many shows, endorsements, and concerts. Sarah earned Php230 million ($4.5 million) from year 2009 up to 2014, according to the sum up of Esquire Mag.

We cannot know exactly how much is Sarah’s taxes due to the Data Privacy Law of BIR. This is only an estimate amount. CELEBRITY NET WORTH tried to estimate Sarah’s net worth and said that she is worth Php509.42 million or $10 million. But an online blog of NET WORTH STATUS said that Sarah’s current net worth is whooping Php3.82 billion or $75 million.

This is only the estimate net worth. Sarah Geronimo’s net worth can be higher or lower than this amount. Sarah is certainly worth millions or maybe billions.

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