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Easy Ways on How to Compute SSS Maternity Benefits

The steps in correct computation of SSS Maternity Benefits are made simpler here. Read the details below so you can claim the sss maternity reimbursement.


The government has its own way of providing benefits to its people, especially to the needy. One of the widely used benefits is SSS Maternity, where women who gave birth or experienced miscarriage are provided cash assistance. It is equivalent to the member’s daily rate times 60 days for normal delivery and miscarriage and 78 days for Caesarean. Here are the qualifiers for this sss maternity benefits.

  • The claimant has settled at least three contributions in 12-month period before delivery or miscarriage.
  • The claimant has provided prior notification to her employer or to SSS.

Here are the step by step processes on how you may compute your SSS Maternity Benefits accurately.

1. Do not count the first 6 month period of your pregnancy or prior to your miscarriage. This is the time where SSS evaluates your eligibility to receive such benefit.

2. Determine the 12th month from the semester you determined from Step 1 backward and select the 6 highest monthly salaries in those 12 months.

3. Get the sum of those 6 highest monthly salaries.

4. Divide the sum from Step 3 to 180 days to determine your daily maternity benefit.

5. Multiply the answer from Step 4 to 60 days (normal or miscarriage) or 78 (Caesarean).

If you are still confused, you may refer to the sample contributions below. The employee is cited to have 581.30 pesos monthly contribution for 2014 and 500 pesos for 2013.

The 6 highest monthly salaries are amounting to 16, 000, so if the amount is multiplied to 6, it is equals to 96, 000. We need to divide it to 180. The answer should be multiplied to 60 or 78.

32, 000 for normal or miscarriage
41, 600 for Caesarean

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Another SSS maternity benefits sample computation here:

For example, let us say that an SSS member gives birth in December 2013.

a. The semester of contingency would be from July 2013 to December 2013.
b. The 12-month period before the semester of contingency would be from July 2012 to June 2013.
c. Let us assume that the six highest monthly salary credits are P15,000 each. Thus, the total monthly salary credit would be P90,000 (P15, 000 x 6).
d. The daily maternity allowance would be P500 (P90,000/180).
e. The total maternity benefit due would be P30,000 (P500 x 60 days) for normal delivery/miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy not requiring operation, or P39,000 (P500 x 78) for caesarian cases or ectopic pregnancy requiring operation.

Also women who are members of the Social Security System can avail themselves of the sss maternity leave benefit which is equivalent to their daily wage for 60 days or 78 days in case of caesarian delivery. In order to avail of the sss maternity leave benefit, it is required that one is a member of the Social Security System.

You may also download the required applications form here: sss maternity reimbursement application form and sss maternity notification form

For other instances you may check the hyperlink provided above, check the SSS website, or call their hotline at (02) 920 6455.

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