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Construction Worker Piles Heavy Bricks Together and Manually Transport it to the Rooftop

What would do to earn money? This man is doing a hard job just to make a living. A video was uploaded on Facebook showing a frail looking man who looks like a construction worker and was working on to pile countless of bricks together.

It got to the point when the pile was already a lot so he tied it altogether and put the pile on his back. He was outside when he was doing this so he had to come inside with this heavy pile then climb upstairs. His climb was slow because of how heavy it is. The sad thing is he also wasn’t wearing slippers so it’s very dangerous that he may get stuck with a nail or other sharp objects.

He climbed all the way to the roof which was exhausting and after he was done with the pile, he was seen catching his breath for he was very tired. Who knows how many more bricks he has to transport from the ground floor to the roof top but it’s obvious this man needs money so bad that he’s willing to do any kind of job no matter how hard it is.

The reality of life is that, poor people have no choice but to bear the pain of their labor. Some people didn’t finish school or some never went to school because of poverty that’s why they can’t find better jobs. It’s just sad that a job this hard only pays little but the dangers are real.

Some people get back injuries for jobs like this and some get bone problems and respiratory problems. This man may never know life’s pleasures but at least he’s doing his best to put food on the table and his not resorting to a life of stealing because of his situation.

Watch the full video here | Facebook Videos

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