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SSS Accepts Payments of Contributions Using the SSS Payment Reference Numbers (PRN)

Recently, (SSS) Social Security System announced that all the branches throughout the Philippines are ready to accept the payment for monthly contributions of its members by using the SSS Payment Reference Numbers or PRNs. This is in support for the program of SSS which is the Enhanced Contribution Collection System.

To enable the real time posting of contributions, all voluntary, OFWs, and self-employed members were required to register account at the My.SSS facility or at the SSS website. Once they are registered, they will receive their corresponding Payment Reference Number.


For those members who haven’t yet registered in the online facility to ask for assistance from the SSS Member Services Section or e-center. According to SSS President, a special lane was created in all SSS branches for easy access of My.SSS account. This way, members can check and edit their records easily.

The advantage of using PRN is that delays of posting the contribution payments will be avoided. In the same manner, if all the payments will be posted in real time, the members will be spared from ineligibility of applying for loans and benefits. Likewise, the errors of the contribution collection reports by the employers will also be avoided.

Good thing is that both bank and non-bank collection partners were supporting the program of SSS and they will be using the new process of electronic collection system or the e-CS. In addition, under the RTPC program, all collection partners were mandated to check the employer’s and member’s PRN by sending a validation request to the SSS system.

Individually paying members can obtain their PRN through the PRN helpline 920-6446 to 55 or the Toll-Free Hotline 1-800-10-225. They can also send PRN requests and queries through email at [email protected].

Some of the bank collection partners include Union Bank of the Philippines, Philippine National Bank, Banco de Oro, Land Bank of the Philippines, China Bank, Bank of Commerce, and Bank of Philippine Islands. Non-bank remittance partners include CIS Bayad Center, BancNet, iRemit Inc. and G-Xchange Inc.

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