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Couple Earns a Million Dollars in One Year while Playing with their Children

Everyone wants to earn more than the average income per year and be with their family. It’s even better that you earn while playing and bonding with your kids. Being able to do this is every parent’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to be able to watch every development of their kids while earning more than enough to provide them with their needs? This might be impossible because not everyone can have the opportunity to work while staying with the kids.

image via hulyan maya | youtube

This became possible with Pinoy Couple Mark and Rhea. They were able to earn so much money every year by just playing and bonding with their kids; Hulyan, Maya, and Marxien. Rhea and Mark are both graduates of Mass Communication major in Arts in the Philippines before they migrated to Los Angeles, California.

image via hulyan maya | youtube

The couple was already fond of editing videos when they were still in the country. When they decided to migrate to California in 2007, they created a Youtube channel, “ilovemaything”. Even before their kids came; they started uploading videos and Mark was the one opening toys. The videos didn’t catch attention though because the kids weren’t interested in seeing Mark doing kids stuff because he’s a grown-up man.

image via hulyan maya | youtube

They started hitting big in 2013 with a video showing their kid opening a box of Trackmaster Motorized Engine Set. The video got 20M views. It showed a happy kid opening a toy and the viewers loved it. Since the video was a hit, they started doing one video after the other and this had become their main source of income.

image via hulyan maya | youtube

They have since left their jobs so they could stay with the kids while earning. Their Youtube channel has been renamed Hulyan Maya and is now one of the top Youtube channels with 3B hits since they uploaded their first video. The couple is thankful that aside from earning $1M per year, they are also able to take care of the kids personally.

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